Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

And excellent consumer experiences work wonders for the bottom line. With the correct VoIP service, you could streamline and automate your customer journey, resulting in much more revenue for much less effort.

The first component of great VoIP telephone services is a mobile app.

With a robust and useful mobile app, you will be able to take your VoIP services anywhere, anytime. Your customers will enjoy a streamlined management of their calls, with features that include call forwarding, auto-attendant assistance, messaging, integration with contact management systems, music on hold, and many more. App functionality is only the beginning.

In addition, a robust VoIP Phone system is essential for taking advantage of all that mobile technology has to offer. Auto dialing, call forwarding, video, and music on hold, auto attendant assistance, and so much more can all be made possible with a quality VoIP Phone system. With a single VoIP Phone service plan, it’s easy to manage multiple phone numbers and multiple extensions. This allows for increased productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, better customer service.

But even with the best of plans, sometimes it’s just not enough. That’s where remote teams come into play. With a large number of small businesses, it’s quite common for lines to experience outages, which lead to missed and voicemail messages being left. Even though most VoIP services include unlimited local calls, there are still some scenarios where an individual needs to make a call from a remote location. This is where remote teams are invaluable.

Remote call forwarding is a feature that’s provided by almost all VoIP providers and it basically consists of two separate functions – one that forwards calls to the right recipient and another that capture the complete message so that it can be emailed or even saved in the cloud for reference purposes. Basically, a remote call forwarding service allows your clients and employees to receive calls wherever they may be – even if they don’t have VoIP services at home! For businesses that provide business-to-business services, a remote call recording service is an ideal solution. With this kind of service, an employee can easily forward messages from anywhere, whether that’s their office or a remote branch.

The importance of having remote teams operating in the cloud has become even more evident as VoIP becomes more mainstream. With VoIP phones are gaining in popularity, it’s essential for businesses to consider all of their options. One of the best solutions out there today is the business VoIP Phone system. Because VoIP services allow you to create dedicated lines and configure call forwarding, unlimited calls can be placed around the world with little to no additional cost.

Business VoIP services include voicemail

A feature that allows employees to set up and receive voicemail online. This can come in extremely handy for those who may have days when nothing seems to get sent but need to know that the client doesn’t expect a response. Voicemail can also be useful when employees travel a lot and often put off returning phone calls – companies can set up a virtual voicemail account with the best voip phone service for a low monthly fee. Business VoIP services include a number of features that will allow your company to run smoothly – things like automatic voicemail and forwarding can make your life a lot easier. And since VoIP uses the internet, all incoming calls are automatically sent to your email, where you can store the information or forward it on to a different party.

When it comes to reviewing the best VoIP phone service for remote teams, it’s very important to look beyond the most advertised features and services and analyze what the various providers have to offer. A lot of providers will try to blow you away with special offers and great customer service, but the truth is that there are a lot of other options out there.

  • You may find that a low monthly plan with the most features is just as good as a high-end, cloud-hosted VoIP phone service.
  • The key is to determine which features matter to you and your company and then find a VoIP service provider that has those features.
  • In a future article we’ll go into further detail but in the meantime remember that the first thing you should review the best VoIP phone service for remote teams is how well it integrates with your business needs.